Recipe E-Book

With so many sites offering recipes, keeping the public’s interest is key. Think about it…you have Martha Stewart, Betty Crocker, Food Network, Cooking Channel and countless more…it’s dizzying! I found a site that offered free e-books of their recipes and wanted to share them with you.

bbq_page_001If you check out Cook Dojo, prepare to be flooded with hundreds of recipes all sorted alpha style. I was so pleased to see they offered e-books of some of their most popular recipes. I am a huge breakfast person. I mean, you had me at eggs. When one of the options was a free breakfast e-book, I was practically giddy! They also shared a bbq e-book and I have to say, I am already anxious for springtime to fire up the grill and get down!

There aren’t any pictures so you will have to imagine the yumminess that will ensue but it’s worth the clicks to browse through all the options. Enjoy the attached e-books and let me know if you try out any of the recipes!

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