51 Ways to Save Money on Baby Gear

These past few months have been baby abundant! So many friends have welcomed little bundles of bliss into the world and I wanted to share some tips I have come across that may help all parents save some hard earned cash!

I subscribe to many blogs and pin lots of stuff to my boards as I find them. There are literally thousands of pins and links I could share with you but I wont inundate you with a long read. Instead, I broke it down to 3 links that combine to share 51 ways to save money. If you want to see others that I have pinned, follow me and repin!

Take a look, click through, repost or save as needed. If you have tips or pins you care to share, please add them to the comments below and we can start a saving chain!

31 Ways to Save Money on Baby Gear, Clothes, Diapers and More

By Ami Spencer Youngs


10 Easy Ways To Save Money On Baby Gear at Target

By The Savvy Bump


10 Tricks To Save Money On Baby Gear

By And Then We Saved


3 Ways To Stay Motivated

Its Motivation Monday and I am in need of some inspiration. I’m at the bottom of my coffee cup and need more than caffeine to get this day started. I know I am not alone in this…some of you are reading this nodding along or silently agreeing. So let’s share. What three things keep you motivated?

To make it interesting, let’s remove the one we all have in common…our family. That is a given. We are all motivated by our loved ones. Adding another level to this motivation, link back to a blog post that either motivated you or may help others get their kick start.

My three motivators are:

  • Coffee…kind of a given considering the name of my blog
  • Social media…odd choice but I get new ideas when I cruise around
  • My home…we bought a house and now I want to make it a home


So…what gets or keeps you motivated? Share in the comments and link back to a post you care to share with all of us!

Ore-Ida® Totchos Recipe

I was allowed to participate in an opportunity that included complimentary Ore-Ida® Tater Tots and thought I would share a yummy recipe with you. As a big fan of biscuits and gravy, I thought I would step it up with the tater tots and make Ore-Ida® Totchos & Gravy with bacon.


Take your tots and either pan fry or bake, whichever you prefer since they are good both ways. In a saucepan, add 2-3 tablespoons butter and 2-3 tablespoons flour. Its the start of a rue so dont worry when it clumps. It thins out as you slowly add the milk…about 1 cup give or take a tablespoon. Season with salt & pepper and stir til it thickens. Pour over the prepared tots and top with crumbled bacon.


There are lots more recipes on the Kraft site but of course mine is your favorite, right? *wink


47 Things You Learn In Your 40’s

When you come across something so enlightening…something that empowers you while teaching you about things you already knew but were not yet in tune to acknowledge, you tend to share it with everyone. That is what I am doing today.

I was cruising through Facebook and came across a shared post by a friend from high school and when I clicked through to read it, I knew I had to share it with all of you. Its an article from the Huffington Post and it is a true gem. The author, Andrea Reiser, is ending her 40’s and sharing her thoughts on everything she learned. As someone who is just starting this decade of life, I not only enjoy this list but I feel a little ahead of the game.

Here are the 47 things she learned in her 40’s.

1. It’s OK to say no as long as you learn the art of doing so graciously.

2. Don’t waste time worrying and moaning about stuff you have no control over. Let it go.

3. Everything you see depends on how you look at it.

4. Stop comparing your insides to everyone else’s outsides.

5. Listening to someone — really listening — is one of the most important, respectful and rewarding things you can do.

6. It’s awesome to collect people throughout life, but you’re truly blessed if you have a handful of besties who will always, always have your back. Even if you don’t speak to them all that often, you know they’re there.

7. The morning after is rarely — if ever — worth the night before.

8. No one gives a crap if you go to the supermarket in sweats without makeup and your unwashed hair in a ponytail on top of your head.

9. Experiences are infinitely more memorable than stuff.

10. Confidence is beautiful and powerful.

11. Laugh lines are worth it.

12. It will always boggle your mind how some people will exceed the lowest imaginable depth of stupidity, incompetence and nastiness, while others will exceed the highest imaginable pinnacle of kindness, compassion and helpfulness.

13. Don’t live your life by anyone else’s expectations, taste, hopes or dreams.

14. If you rely on others for joy, you will never be joyful yourself.

15. Grudges aren’t worth it.

16. You’ll never regret going out of your way to brighten someone’s day.

17. “Please” and “thank you” are always appreciated and appropriate.

18. Tell the little self-sabotaging voice in your head to bug off.

19. The food doesn’t matter. The table settings don’t matter. All that matters is the company.

20. Being super-busy is not a badge of honor, importance, popularity or success. It’s perfectly OK — and actually healthier and preferable — to be not so busy.

21. Despite your delusions, you have absolutely no idea what’s happening behind other people’s doors.

22. Most bad behavior and bitterness is rooted in jealousy.

23. What makes you happy isn’t the elixir that will make someone else happy.

24. It’s not always someone else’s fault. Sometimes you have to look in the mirror.

25. You can disagree with someone’s opinions and beliefs, but it doesn’t make them wrong. And it’s probably best just not to go there when it has to do with religion, politics or love.

26. Friendships change over time. Sometimes they have an expiration date and they dissolve into fuzziness. And that’s OK.

27. Eye cream is your friend.

28. Stop waxing poetic about how good it used to be. Stop fantasizing about how good it might be in the future. Savor how good it is right now. Make your moments matter.

29. It’s nice to be thought of and remembered.

30. Sometimes you’ve gotta do stuff just because it’s the right thing to do. Often it’s uncomfortable. Usually it’s inconvenient. But it’s almost always worth it.

31. Elephants don’t belong in the room. Having the tough conversation is ultimately better than living with the energy-sapping misery of resentment or misunderstanding.

32. Some stuff just isn’t meant to be. The sooner you accept it and stop trying to force it to happen, the better off you’ll be.

33. The solution to someone else’s problem that seems so obvious to you is likely something they’ve already tried and it hasn’t worked.

34. A good night’s sleep is a gift from the heavens and can change everything.

35. People will make time for you if you’re important to them. And they pretty much won’t if you’re not.

36. Sometimes you need to suck it up hard in the name of love, peace and harmony.

37. Don’t let angry people get to you; instead, try to muster some compassion for them.

38. Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks. Stop wasting energy on stuff that isn’t your business. You just do you.

39. Accept, embrace and celebrate change.

40. Being polite and smiling genuinely can make a big difference.

41. Stillness is restorative and healing.

42. Take one day at a time, one step at a time. Break down challenges into small, do-able chunks. It will all get done.

43. Life is what happens while you’re waiting expectantly for the next big thing on the horizon to come to fruition. Savor the everyday.

44. If you push yourself and focus on what’s good rather than wallowing selfishly in the negative, things will almost always improve.

45. Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it isn’t immediately apparent, but in time, and with reflection, the reason usually becomes clear. And often it’s so extraordinary and breathtaking, it’ll blow you away.

46. No matter how much you wish, you can’t will things to happen. But often, there’s a better and “righter” path that reveals itself if you keep your eyes and mind open.

47. Take a risk and have the guts to seize the opportunity, because it may not present itself again.

You can follow Andrea Reiser on twitter.


What I Have Learned – Tips for Beginners

I have been taking suggestions from other bloggers and cruising around their pages for tips and it has helped tremendously. I shared the following ideas with a friend & fellow blogger and want to share with you. If you already know all of this, woo hoo! If you are new to blogging like me, I hope you find some of this content useful.

First off, grow your twitter profile. At the top of the page where it says Search Twitter, type in what you prefer to search like mommy blogger, DIY or hacks. This will bring up all the results by account, keyword, topic and top tweets. Now to be seen, you have to have searchable terms like that in your bio. Mine used to be a quick snapshot but I have since updated it to include hashtags so I will come up in those searches. When I did that, I tested it out and came up in the 1st page of search results.

It sounds like a lot of work but I have two apps that will streamline your social media if you haven’t started yet. You may want to consider using a scheduler like Buffer or Hootsuite. I use Buffer and absolutely love it. For the free version, you can schedule up to 10 posts for each account you link. I have my Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn connected so I can add posts to them throughout the day and set them up for future days too. You basically type up all the posts you want to share and let them auto post at times you set. You go on with your day and don’t have to worry about posting at a certain time.

The other app is CrowdFire. Its on my phone but I also use the desktop version. The best part of the app for me is the option to add an automated reply to those who follow you. You type what you want it to say and when you get a new follower, they get a DM from you instantly. It has other features like showing you who has followed and unfollowed you each day. Not as big of a deal because once you get a couple hundred followers, you really dont spend much time checking to see who has unfollowed you. This has become a huge help in growing my base. Keep in mind I had a little over 170 followers when I started my blog about 2 months ago and today I have over 1400. I follow the accounts that appeal to me and the others, well I appreciate them but I dont have to follow back.

As for brands and product reviews, you may want to try the site Giveaway Service. You register and browse their promotions. If you see a product you want to try, you apply for it and they decide if they want you to review it for them. Normally its an Amazon review but sometimes they ask you to tweet or post a YouTube video. So far it has been a valuable resource and I have connected with some great companies. Some have offered to send me an additional free item to host a giveaway on my blog so that will bring even more visibility. (Stay tuned!) The ones who you review should be followed on twitter so once your reviews post, you can share the review across social media and tag them as well.

I am sure there are lots of tips to share and as I learn more, you may see more posts. Til then, if you have tips by all means share in the comments below.

Sunday Funday – Blog Promo Fun

As I cuddle up on the couch and watch my Fantasy Team work, I thought I would share a couple of blog networking opportunities you may enjoy. I am all about sharing with one another and helping to lift up my fellow bloggers so I hope you find this helpful.

Some of you may already know about these networking links but for those who dont, I would like to invite you to a couple of mine. The first I would like to share is SVerve. With a name that was derived from their tagline, Unleash Your Social Verve, SVerve is a site where business & blogs come together. Their mission statement is clear.

We love connecting influencers and businesses for win-win partnerships.


I am excited to be a part of SVerve for several reasons. They help you monetize your blogs with relevant campaigns, they assist in boosting your social presence, and aid you in building a better profile or as they say, a LinkedIn for Influencers. If you want to grow your blog, check out SVerve.

Anotpicket fenceher great resource is Picket Fence Blogs. Self titled as a free ranked blog directory, I would say they are a Yellow Pages of blogs. You can share your page with other registered bloggers, accrue votes through a button you can add to your site, and advertise with them to increase your social media footprint. You can even enter giveaways for items from other bloggers. Its a great option to consider when you want to expand your network and get to know others not only for their posts, but for the authors as well.

Check out both and share your experience with us!


It has arrived. The day shoppers wait for. Discounts and sales have been reviewed, studied and compared. Greenbacks will be spent, plastic will melt, wallets will shrink. Yes, today is the day. Its #BlackFriday!

Personally, I cannot do the overnight camping thing to get a deal on a tv. My temper just isn’t what you need when people are in the everybody for themselves mentality. Crowding my personal space and getting rowdy is not my idea of a good time for the holidays. I prefer online shopping.

I do just as much work prepping for the sales as anyone setting foot in the stores. I know what I like and I want the best possible deal. I use coupon codes and shop at premium times. I get deals on free shipping and BOGO items too. So when I tell you I know what I am doing, its because I have years of experience. Just ask my husband! (You don’t have to really ask him…I actually don’t want to bring up my shopping habit if you know what I mean!)

One of my absolute favorite sites is Ebates. I shop all of my favorite stores and get to select the discounts I want to use. For example, I love Kohl’s and they have loads of discounts available. You can get 15% off plus $15 Kohl’s Cash for every $50 you spend PLUS you get your Ebates discount of another 8% just by clicking through the link and shopping online.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Shopping in my pj’s while sipping my coffee and saving money…proof that I am a multi-tasking queen! Now to be fair, I am not getting paid by Kohl’s for any sort of promotion whatsoever. I just wanted to share their storefront as an example. Do you prefer to shop JCPenney? They are offering 10% cash back plus $10 off a purchase of $25 or more if you shop through their Ebates links. Want to buy a special piece of jewelry for someone? Use the Jewelry.com link here for 14% off. Need a new piece of furniture from Ashley? Get 15% off here!

Just head over to Ebates and register today and you will get $10 back just for making your first purchase at ANY of their stores. Ill make it easy for you…here is the small print:

*To qualify for a Welcome Bonus, you must be a new member and make minimum qualifying purchases totaling at least twenty-five dollars ($25) within ninety (90) days of becoming a Member.

Happy Shopping!


lambsWe all have such hectic lives and for those blessed with children, the balance of work vs. home life is even more difficult. The time it would take to search for quality daycare is just another time thief. Word of mouth and personal referrals are always best as they serve as a first hand account of what to expect. With that, I have to share what I think is the most hands on and comprehensive local daycare to the San Gabriel Valley, Little Lamb’s Home Daycare.

Meet Marsha
Meet Marsha

Marsha MacIntyre is the owner and licensed daycare provider for Little Lamb’s. With over 20 years experience and a degree in Child Development, Marsha is what I consider a perfect example of someone who does what they love. Building an addition to her property, she created the facility from the ground up. Every color used, each developmental toy and every experience is custom crafted. Marsha is not only part of the Options Food Program, but she also serves as a Mentor for the California Early Childhood Mentor Program for the Foothill Region Mentor Division.

In my opinion, Little Lamb’s is the place to enroll your children if you want them to be cared for in a place dedicated to helping your child develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

I invite you to check out her site, follow her on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Cell phone apps that make life easier

We all have a cell phone and we use it…all the live long day. Some apps are for entertainment and some are for organization. Many apps are just because we have a habit and its our indulgence. I am an Etsy shopper and I have a problem.

I referred to an article on LaptopMag on the best apps for 2015 and I am happy to say, I have most of these sought after selections already installed. For security, LaptopMag suggests Avast Mobile & Security because it is customizable to suit your needs. Into fitness? MyFitnessPal is their choice for the support and guidance it offers. We all love movies and music right? Well it comes as no surprise that Netflix and Spotify are at the top of their list. With all the selfies we take, its no wonder a photo app like Snapseed is not only downloaded often, but used throughout each day. It does more than crop and rotate, there are filters to make your pics look incredible. What else do we use most often? Messaging! I prefer to text than talk so when I came across Viber and Whatsapp, I was hooked! Not only does it have fun and playful stickers and emojis that we all use, but if you send pics, they automatically download to a folder on your phone for safe keeping. Love it!

So…what are some of your favorite apps?

Whatsapp is a must!
Whatsapp is a must!

Giving Back – Feeling Thankful

With the evolution of social media and specifically, sites like Pinterest and Facebook, we have an infinite amount of information that we share with one another. Lots of tips are related to life hacks but have you ever stopped to think about those who are more concerned with shelter and their next meal instead of how to use a binder clip to prop up a keyboard?

There are lots of ways to give back and I hope you find these helpful. If you have tips not listed, please share in the comments so all can benefit. Feel free to reblog and post all over social media. If anything should go viral, random acts of kindness should be at the top of the list.

#BlessingBags – Take a gallon sized ziploc bag and fill with travel sized hygiene items. Anything from toothbrushes & toothpaste to deodorant & feminine products. Some additional items that we take for granted like mints, gum and hand cream should also be included.

#PursePurge – Take your old purses and fill them with things women use regularly. Take a look inside your own bag and think of what you would like if someone blessed you with one. Items like those above can be included but keep in mind, these bags will be for women.

#SweaterSwap – Clean out those closets and grab all the old sweaters you can find. Kid sizes too. Many who sleep outdoors layer their limited clothes so the more pieces you find, the better.

#PrepaidCards – Whether you grab a prepaid Visa or a calling card, both are valuable beyond measure. Imagine having to decide between using your change to eat or call a loved one. You never know when a phone call could change a life.

The possibilities are endless. Take the initiative and host a blanket drive at your office or in your local community. Ask all the men in your life to donate their old wallets with a single dollar inside. Collect solar blankets and travel sized emergency kits too.

So…what are some of your tips and ways to give back?

blessing bags