DIY – Homemade Holiday Gifts

With the holidays here, we have just a few weeks left to shop & the thought of gift giving is center stage. This year, I am going to try the DIY route and do homemade gifts. Call me crazy but I think getting crafty is the way to go. Yes, the supplies would of course be purchased but the assembly is gonna be all me. I hope.

Ive taken some inspiration from fellow bloggers and of course, some of my favorite online shops like Hobby Lobby and Kirkland’s to make some of the gifts I think my family will love.

For example, this etched glass is at the top of my list. It wont say Merry Christmas, probably more along the lines of an initial or a universal sentiment so it doesnt get packed away as a seasonal item.

etched glass

These jars, although decked out for the holidays, can be filled with anything and the letters can be swapped out.


For the one that needs a little pampering, nothing like bath products to make you feel like splurging. If the bottles look like a familiar shape, you are a coffee drinker like me!

bath salts

I pinned lots of ideas to my board and have a list to try out. Wish me luck!

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Frugal living ain’t half bad

As much as I like to spend money (sshhh, don’t tell my hubby), I love to save even more (that you can tell him). It doesn’t always work out but I have definitely used some tips along the way to keep money in the bank. Frankly, if I can save $15 on a shopping trip, that means I have the choice to save it or to spend $15 on something else.

One of my favorite tips actually came from 24 Savvy and its always in the back of my mind when I shop. When you see something that you have convinced yourself that you ABSOLUTELY need, consider how many hours you have to work to buy that item. It has kept me from buying quite a few things that it turns out (gasp!) I don’t actually need.

There are loads of sites out there that promote all kinds of life hacks. I have so many of them bookmarked and refer to them often. Ill keep sharing them (the good ones I actually use) with all of you.