It has arrived. The day shoppers wait for. Discounts and sales have been reviewed, studied and compared. Greenbacks will be spent, plastic will melt, wallets will shrink. Yes, today is the day. Its #BlackFriday!

Personally, I cannot do the overnight camping thing to get a deal on a tv. My temper just isn’t what you need when people are in the everybody for themselves mentality. Crowding my personal space and getting rowdy is not my idea of a good time for the holidays. I prefer online shopping.

I do just as much work prepping for the sales as anyone setting foot in the stores. I know what I like and I want the best possible deal. I use coupon codes and shop at premium times. I get deals on free shipping and BOGO items too. So when I tell you I know what I am doing, its because I have years of experience. Just ask my husband! (You don’t have to really ask him…I actually don’t want to bring up my shopping habit if you know what I mean!)

One of my absolute favorite sites is Ebates. I shop all of my favorite stores and get to select the discounts I want to use. For example, I love Kohl’s and they have loads of discounts available. You can get 15% off plus $15 Kohl’s Cash for every $50 you spend PLUS you get your Ebates discount of another 8% just by clicking through the link and shopping online.

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Shopping in my pj’s while sipping my coffee and saving money…proof that I am a multi-tasking queen! Now to be fair, I am not getting paid by Kohl’s for any sort of promotion whatsoever. I just wanted to share their storefront as an example. Do you prefer to shop JCPenney? They are offering 10% cash back plus $10 off a purchase of $25 or more if you shop through their Ebates links. Want to buy a special piece of jewelry for someone? Use the Jewelry.com link here for 14% off. Need a new piece of furniture from Ashley? Get 15% off here!

Just head over to Ebates and register today and you will get $10 back just for making your first purchase at ANY of their stores. Ill make it easy for you…here is the small print:

*To qualify for a Welcome Bonus, you must be a new member and make minimum qualifying purchases totaling at least twenty-five dollars ($25) within ninety (90) days of becoming a Member.

Happy Shopping!

Chicken Scratch DIY

Its #FollowFriday and I am so excited to share this new site with you. Not only is it fun and unique, it also has a wide appeal. Check out Chicken Scratch DIY.


Kimberly Linville is a wife, mother and entrepreneur with a gift for the daily hustle. She is transparent, genuine and shares her story to give us all a peek into her personal life. Her site has a targeted market yet it has a little something for all of us. Living in Oklahoma, you may think her blog would be targeted to her region however the opposite is true. Kimberly has lived in 4 different states & her perspective is broadened by all of the regions she has called home. The culture differences are enlightening.

What I find the most fun is her chicken coop as I have always been interested in sustainability. She takes us on the journey with her and the kids. I dont know about you but I love saving money and lets face it…eggs are flippin expensive right now! Frankly, I am impressed with how comprehensive her posts are as she includes links to Amazon for the items needed in her projects. Takes the guesswork out of the equation.




That is one of the 3 main sections to her blog…chicken life. She includes a DIY section for adults and projects for the kids too. With a holiday break just around the corner, I am looking forward to her tips!


Its the end of the work week, you know what that means…its #FollowFriday. I have enjoyed a great, interactive week with you fellow bloggers and what better way to give back than to highlight a blog of the week.

My selection this week is Art and Kitchen. With so many recipes to choose from, it was difficult to select one to share but when I came across the white fall sangria, I knew this was the one! Once you delve deeper into the blog and discover just how the recipes come alive, you will notice just how much love is put into each one. With all of the fresh ingredients and the stories behind them, the recipes are written indications of love via the delicious vehicle of hand crafted meals.

I appreciate each entry and look forward to trying some of these over the holidays. Cruise on over to the page and take a look for yourself. Hope you all enjoy Art and Kitchen as much as I do. Happy #FollowFriday!

follow friday


Its Halloween Eve and with that comes the start of the HOLIDAY SEASON! Yes, its time to unpack the platters for Thanksgiving and the stockings for Christmas. Am I the only one who is wondering where the heck this year went?! Its all happening so fast…I cant help but feel a little frazzled. There is so much to do. Thankfully, we all have so many ideas to share and tips to help get through these next two months. With that, I would like to make the next 8 Fridays all about learning and sharing with one another. Whether you have decorating tips, great recipes or some life hacks that will make this time of year just a little easier, I wanna know all about them! So if you see me cruising through your pages and posts, know that you have inspired me.

Its #FollowFriday…enjoy!