Let the festivities begin!

I am in full Thanksgiving mode! I have most of the groceries needed for dinner except for a few of the fresh items I will need in the days beforehand. Some of the holiday decor is out and making the house feel warm and cozy. The 80 degree So Cal weather helps with that too!

Considering this is my favorite holiday, I am excited not just to cook for my family but to share it all with you. Some will be cooking wins, some may be epic fails but all will be made with love. Rather than post pics of previous years, I will share with you what I want to make this year and once dinner is done, I will share the fruits of my labor.

dinner rolls Dinner rolls…from scratch. Yes I am going to try this so keep your fingers crossed. For me, bread and butter are awesome so if the bread isnt warm and soft, its a fail.



creamed cornCreamed corn is a step up from the traditional corn served on our Thanksgiving table. Looks delish!





sausage stuffing Sausage stuffing is a family favorite. Its a recipe I have done since I was a kid helping my parents prep the night before. Mixing everything together and getting elbow deep as a kid are some of my fondest memories.




slow cooker mashed


Slow cooker mashed potatoes are a big deal to some but this will be my first venture into this method. I normally either boil the potatoes or use instant. (Dont judge…instant are yummy too!)




apple pie cake Apple Pie cake is a new addition to this year’s menu. Normally its pumpkin, mince & apple pies but I am going to try this out. Apples & cinnamon are always good!


Pumpkin pie dip is a light but sweet addition to the pre-dinner feast. We have made this on several occasions and its a hit!pumpkin pie dip

There are of course other items like the turkey, a ham, some cranberry sauce & gravy too. Just thinking of the way the house smells with everything cooking and the comfort of family by my side…I am truly thankful. Although I wont have all of my loved ones at my table, I am blessed to know they are just a phone call away.

You can view all the recipes for these sides on my boards. I cant wait…

Product Review – Agave Syrup

As you can probably tell by the title and header photo of this blog, I am a coffee addict. Not quite to the aficionado level but I know a good cup of java when I taste it! With so many options of gourmet flavors and sweeteners, it can snowball into a sugary drink. No bueno. I am not the type to use faux sugars or substitutes but I also know that too much is bad for me. This time of year, there are even more options available…who doesn’t enjoy a pumpkin spice or gingerbread latte around the holidays?!

I have a favorite go-to option for a low glycemic sweetener that isn’t over manufactured or processed to death. I use agave syrup. For years I have been using the organic blue agave in my coffee and its life changing! Seriously, its better than the flavored syrups from the big box stores and its better for you. Not to be used everyday of course, but I prefer this to refined white sugar in just about everything. Its sweeter than sugar so I use less and its natural so I dont worry about chemicals like those used in processing other substitutes.

When I clicked through their site, I noticed all the other options to use it that I didnt think of before. Not just baked goods but drinks like Mojitos, bbq sauces & soups. I will have to try out their curry apple soup over the holidays for sure!

Give it a shot…tell me what you think!


Soup Weather

Excuse me while I do a happy dance! I dont know about you, but I loooove cold weather. Its time for scarves, sweaters & soups. I mean a pot that has a little of this and a little of that transforms into a LOT of deliciousness. There are days when I get so obsessed with pinning soups, time gets away from me.

The next soup I want to make is this yummy roasted poblano & corn soup that I pinned from Iowa Girl Eats.  If it comes out as good as this looks, I may have to make it late in the day. If I make it early, there might not be any left for the hubby!

poblano soup

Ive even tossed my hat into the mason jar soup mix arena. Imagine a bowl of cream of asparagus soup from scratch but it would only take minutes. That appeals to me…fast, yummy & easy. Some of you may be getting these for Christmas…just sayin.

Cream of Asparagus

Thanksgiving Faves

One of my favorite holidays, if not thee favorite, is Thanksgiving. Some of my fondest memories are of food prep with my dad the night before, and getting the meal started with my mom the morning of Thanksgiving. We would prep the stuffing at night to allow all the flavors to get comfy & yummy in the baking dish! I used to get my hands in there and at a young age, I was elbow deep. Slathering on the butter and seasoning on the turkey knowing it would be juicy in just a few hours was divine! I had no problem letting mom clean out the cavity though…not my favorite part. Raised by my grandparents (who I refer to as mom & dad) you would think I may have limited memories of my mother around the holidays but the opposite is true. I remember thinking she was a master of the glazed ham. She would make this mustard and brown sugar glaze and I was convinced making it in a ceramic dish made it taste better. It was the perfect blend of sweet, salty & delicious! Its no wonder why I enjoy it so much. What other holiday, or frankly any day of the week, do we focus so much family time on meal prep? We are always so busy, focused on the temporary moments when the forever moments are right there waiting for some love & attention. At 40 I am thankful for the memories I had with my parents now that they are all gone, and for the table I get to set this year to make even more.

Comfort food, warm & fuzzy clothing, cold weather & family. I love Thanksgiving!

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Tasty Tuesday

With the colors changing, the temps dropping and the holidays so close it gives me shopping anxiety, I cant help but crave comfort foods. The ones that you reminisce about from your childhood…the kind that you can have over and over again. One of my all time favorites is macaroni and cheese. (Dieters look away) Not the boxed kind with powder, or with a pouch you have to cut open and squeeze. I am talking about the stove top, oven baked, tender noodles with lots of rich & creamy melted cheese. (Seriously, look away) At times, mixing it up with crumbled bacon. (You were warned!)

Well I found what could very well be the yummiest mac & cheese ever. While cruising this interweb thing we all know and love, I came across a site that was not only witty and charming, but full of recipes I want to try. I couldnt help but gravitate toward the mac and I am soooo glad I did!

If you are into comfort food like I am, then you have to check out Divas Can Cook.

mac chs