Giving Back – Feeling Thankful

With the evolution of social media and specifically, sites like Pinterest and Facebook, we have an infinite amount of information that we share with one another. Lots of tips are related to life hacks but have you ever stopped to think about those who are more concerned with shelter and their next meal instead of how to use a binder clip to prop up a keyboard?

There are lots of ways to give back and I hope you find these helpful. If you have tips not listed, please share in the comments so all can benefit. Feel free to reblog and post all over social media. If anything should go viral, random acts of kindness should be at the top of the list.

#BlessingBags – Take a gallon sized ziploc bag and fill with travel sized hygiene items. Anything from toothbrushes & toothpaste to deodorant & feminine products. Some additional items that we take for granted like mints, gum and hand cream should also be included.

#PursePurge – Take your old purses and fill them with things women use regularly. Take a look inside your own bag and think of what you would like if someone blessed you with one. Items like those above can be included but keep in mind, these bags will be for women.

#SweaterSwap – Clean out those closets and grab all the old sweaters you can find. Kid sizes too. Many who sleep outdoors layer their limited clothes so the more pieces you find, the better.

#PrepaidCards – Whether you grab a prepaid Visa or a calling card, both are valuable beyond measure. Imagine having to decide between using your change to eat or call a loved one. You never know when a phone call could change a life.

The possibilities are endless. Take the initiative and host a blanket drive at your office or in your local community. Ask all the men in your life to donate their old wallets with a single dollar inside. Collect solar blankets and travel sized emergency kits too.

So…what are some of your tips and ways to give back?

blessing bags

Soup Weather

Excuse me while I do a happy dance! I dont know about you, but I loooove cold weather. Its time for scarves, sweaters & soups. I mean a pot that has a little of this and a little of that transforms into a LOT of deliciousness. There are days when I get so obsessed with pinning soups, time gets away from me.

The next soup I want to make is this yummy roasted poblano & corn soup that I pinned from Iowa Girl Eats.  If it comes out as good as this looks, I may have to make it late in the day. If I make it early, there might not be any left for the hubby!

poblano soup

Ive even tossed my hat into the mason jar soup mix arena. Imagine a bowl of cream of asparagus soup from scratch but it would only take minutes. That appeals to me…fast, yummy & easy. Some of you may be getting these for Christmas…just sayin.

Cream of Asparagus