Product Review ~ govino Drinkware

Its been a while since I have written a product review. Partly due to the sheer volume of products available to check out. I stand by all prior product reviews and still suggest you cruise by and check them out. Frankly, I felt as if I was doing so many in a short period of time, I was diluting the well. I felt the need to step back. Gather my thoughts. Filter out the items I didn’t really consider using often. Until now.

Today, I ask you to stop what you are doing and check out govino. Particularly if you are a fan of wine, outdoor activities like picnics or bbq’s, or even special events and holidays. I recently published the Guest Post – Yogurt Parfait that would look amazing in the same drinkware. govino has a product line of dishwasher safe, shatterproof, reusable, recyclable, BPA/BPS free drinkware. Dont get me wrong, I still invite people over for parties where red cups are everywhere…but I also like the option of the sophisticated cocktail or craft beer in a nice glass. govino offers me that opportunity with drinkware that I can feel confident using without fear of breaking.

My husband and I personally tested them out recently and we were both pleasantly surprised with the quality, clarity and unique design. The pieces are molded into a shape that allows for a comfortable grip. Check out the product line…they are beautiful!

As if it weren’t already at the top of the industry with ‘the first and only unbreakable wine glass of its kind to be validated and accepted by the wine industry’, they take their expertise to a whole new level. CUSTOMIZATION! The possibilities are limitless. Consider the options such as corporate gifts, fundraisers, bachelor & bachelorette gifts, wedding party gifts and even party favors.

I was so pleased with the entire product line that govino sent to me for review, I agreed to host a giveaway. Its interactive so start thinking of creative ways to use your govino drinkware and you could end up winning! Details have been posted on my Sponsored Giveaways tab. I encourage you to check out their site to review and shop to your heart’s content, my giveaway page for details, and even your local BevMo to pick up a set to try yourself!


A New Adventure

Not only am I back to work full time, I also started selling Younique as a side job. I didnt intend to sign up. I just wanted to try the mascara and a friend was having a party. I was hooked. Before I knew it, I had a welcome kit and the urge to share the products with friends. I started to try all the products from the welcome kit for presenters and thought I would give it a shot. Signing up as a presenter gives you a chance to sell and earn rewards but my first instinct was to just have an open account to place the occasional order and be available for others who wanted to do the same. In a matter of just 2 weeks, Ive sold nearly $700 in products & earned over $200 in commission without buying supplies, hosting house parties or doing any promotions. Not bad for just sitting back and sharing the info with a few friends.

This got me to thinking. I should share my story but I wonder how many other stories there are for other independent consultants. So I reached out to a few friends who also started a side business to share their journey. I am compiling it all now so stay tuned in the coming weeks to see the featured post.

Younique Cover

New Influenster Opportunity

For those who have not yet heard about Influenster and their amazing opportunities, I encourage you to check them out. I was selected to receive their next Custom VoxBox with Maybelline products. If you are into brand influencing, giveaways or freebies, you need to check it out. The last VoxBox was amazing and had so many products. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

Make Fit Happen

Product Review ~ Toothbrush & Mouth Guard Shield

In keeping with the theme of Valentine’s week, I wanted to share a product review that will help keep your mouth fresh and clean so you can smooch your love freely.

IntelliDent has a couple of products that should be a staple in your home moving forward. We all know the importance of good oral health but what if you do everything right and dont cover your toothbrush or mouth guard? All of your efforts could be wiped away simply with the contamination on your oral supplies. If you dont already know, when flushing your toilet the micro splash could reach 20 feet or more. Closing the lid could help, but what if you forget? I dont know about you, but my bathroom isnt 20 feet.

Its common sense to grab a cover from the drugstore to ensure a contaminant free toothbrush. Not so fast. According to the information gathered by IntelliDent, the Centers for Disease Control actually discourage the use of plastic containers due to the probability of germ contamination. That is why the Toothbrush Shield and Mouth Guard Shield are a dynamic duo in keeping your oral health at an optimum level.

The Toothbrush Shield and Mouth Guard Shield are quick drying, disposable covers made of a non woven fabric. They wick moisture away and are breathable which reduces the chance for germ accumulation and contamination. Everyone has a toothbrush so this is beneficial to all. For those in sports or use an overnight mouth guard, these shields are a necessity.

I encourage you to check out their Twitter & Facebook account and follow for the latest updates.

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Product Review – Cottonelle Fresh Care

Never settle for a bad doctor, always pay for a quality bra & always wear clean underwear. Did you ever hear that saying? Growing up, these were three pearls of wisdom that always seemed to be strung together. Not quite sure why. Well I have no problem seeking out the best doctors, I may cringe at the price when I buy a quality bra but I do it anyway, and I always wear clean underwear. The Cottonelle Challenge had me considering tossing my underwear entirely and trying it out myself. I loved it! I was so happy, I reached out to Cottonelle on Twitter. They offered to send me free samples when I offered to share my review with all of you.

cottonelle logo

If going commando is a new term to you, it means not wearing underwear. You may have seen the commercials. The Cottonelle rep approaches random people asking if they will go commando. Its funny and kind of cute. Until you consider it yourself. I mean the thought of losing that extra layer can be somewhat intimidating. Perhaps you are nodding your head in agreement as you read along.

Let me ask you…when did you decide to stop using a moist wipe as a baby and turn to using only dry toilet paper? You didn’t. Using plain paper is just what you do. Of course toilet paper will always be a staple, but I am an avid fan of the Cottonelle Fresh Care Wipes and their Clean Care toilet paper. Yes, you may think I sound like a commercial but if you think of some of your favorite products, you will understand why I am singing it’s praises. The wipes have a clean scent and dry quickly. They have similar ridges as the paper and when used together, you feel fresh. Now going commando is liberating!

I urge you to try it out for yourself. Go to the Cottonelle site and tell me afterward just how life-changing it can be for you.

Fitness in 5 Steps

Its resolution time. Everyone wants to get healthy after all the gluttony over the holidays…especially me. I am not getting any younger and frankly, enough is enough. As a plus sized, full figured woman, I am not going to start fast and get quick results. I want this to be a lifestyle change so slow and steady is my preferred method.

As a brand influencer, I was able to connect with a company that offers some resistance bands that I am including in my routine. Limm Resistance Bands are going to help me change in 2016.


I received my resistance bands and was pleasantly surprised at not just the quality, but the thought that was put into creating them. To start, the packaging is great. They come in a box, each band in a separate plastic sheath and they include a mesh bag for easy transport. The bands come in 5 different strengths and are labeled for convenience. The fact that they are color coded is awesome to me because after a while, you can grab by color instead of checking the label. The bands are made well. I have used others and they have a powdery feel to them. These do not. They are pliable and do not pull on your skin when stretched, which is a plus for me.

All in all, these are great. I liked them so much, I offered to sponsor a giveaway to help promote them. I encourage you to check it out and enter to win.

Click here & good luck!

Influenster Friend Flurry 15

As with all things social media, I am working hard to stay on top of things that will help enhance my brand influence. I recently signed up for Influenster and have been given opportunities to review items in their Jingle Vox Box.

If you aren’t already a member, I urge you to check it out. I tweeted the link out to my followers and I wanted to share it with you as well. If you sign up by January 11th using this referral code, you may win some cool stuff! Join the Friend Flurry 15 and start 2016 ahead of the game.

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