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One of my (many) resolutions was to provide a space for others to network and share their pages. I am not yet savvy enough to create one of those blog rings, and I don’t have thousands of followers, but I do have a page where others who are interested in growing their reach can share their posts. So, from time to time I will publish a Share Your…post. Each will be different and will provide an opportunity to extend your reach to new readership. Interested? Well, let’s do this!

Basic Guidelines:

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Supporting My Girl Tribe

I am lucky to be a part of a small group of supportive women who share the same interest in blogging and social media. Thats not to say we have the same general interests. We each have a unique vision, approach and online reach. That being said, I want to share their info with all of you. Please check them out, like and follow if you find a connection, and comment your details below if you want to share your links as well.



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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cheers to all & Happy Valentine’s Day from Cappuccino Connected!


10 New Liebster Award Nominees


I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Rebecca Lemke from New Crunchy Mom. Many thanks to her for recognizing my efforts in sharing a bit of myself with all of you through Cappuccino Connected.

The Liebster Award is a new-comer award given by bloggers to other bloggers. It creates a great platform for new blogs to be discovered and build communication. The best thing about this award is that it creates a lot of encouragement and support within our blogging community.

The rules of the Liebster Award are as follows:

  • Thank your nominator.
  • Share the award on your blog.
  • Answer 10 questions asked to you.
  • Ask 10 questions to 10 new nominees
  • Notify them via social media.

Questions asked of me:

  1. What is your favorite snack or drink? I am a coffee drinker so my favorite cold drink is the Starbucks Vanilla Latte that I buy at the market. Its pre-mixed and a great option when you dont want hot coffee.
  2. What is your favorite book? I am a fan of food, biographies and true crime so its hard to nail down a single one. If I had to pick one, I think my Rick Bayless cookbook is my fave.
  3. Who is your biggest fan? My husband. He is so supportive and positive. He is always cheering me on, telling me he is proud of me and encourages me to continue.
  4. How do you deal with writer’s block? I get inspiration from other blogs, their social media posts and all the new items on Pinterest.
  5. What is the craziest comment you’ve ever gotten on your blog? I think the first time someone reached out to me for a product review was crazy…I had just started and was excited but overwhelmed.
  6. Who is your favorite blogger that you follow and are inspired by? Gosh, how can I answer? This changes almost everyday simply because there are so many out there. I have to say the latest is Danielle from My Snippets Of Inspiration.
  7. What is the hardest article or post that you’ve ever written? My first one…I was so nervous but now 80+ posts later, those nerves are long gone!
  8. What is your goal for your blog in 2016? I would like to post 5 days a week, follow at least 10 new blogs per week, increase my blog’s visibility across social media, and learn more each day.
  9. What do your family and friends think about your blog? I hope they enjoy it! I have received loads of positive feedback and I could not be more grateful.
  10. What is your favorite thing to blog about? I like to list things…seems to be an easier and more engaging read.

My nominees:

  1. Annette’s Place
  2. Ask Jana Leigh
  3. Skinny And Single
  4. Chicken Scratch DIY
  5. Hit and Miss Cuisine
  6. Creativity In A Bottle
  7. Lazy Mom Cooking
  8. Thrifty Guardian
  9. Woman Pulse
  10. Crunchy Creamy Mama

Questions for my nominees:

  1. What inspired you to start a blog?
  2. If you could interview a celebrity to blog about, who would it be & why?
  3. What social media accounts do you use to drive blog traffic & what are their links?
  4. How often, if at all, do you change or modify the look & layout of your blog?
  5. Have you written posts to schedule them in advance?
  6. What goals do you have for your blog in 2016?
  7. Would you or have you already done a guest post for another person?
  8. What do you find encouraging when viewing other blogs?
  9. Will you follow and support your fellow nominees?
  10. If you could make blogging easier, what would you do?

Many thanks again to Rebecca Lemke from New Crunchy Mom for the nomination!

Show Love On Social Media

In keeping with the Valentine’s theme, I want to extend an invitation to not only follow me across social media, but to share the love with others. Lets share our links and social media info to support one another and grow our networks!

Lets start with Facebook…

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Sharing social media love from Cappuccino Connected!

Guest Post – Recipe Chatter

I was offered the opportunity to guest post for Recipe Chatter. I encourage you to check out their site…its an incredible resource and definitely bookmark worthy. My post, Gluten Free Baked Cauliflower Fritters was published today. Hope you enjoy & share.


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Top 15 Pop Culture Events in 2015

Its time to reflect on our year and if you are anything like me, pop culture is swirled into our memories like a ribbon of caramel in yummy ice cream. Oh the deliciousness. *gazing into the distance* Mmmm!

I digress…this is about 2015 and all the E! news and TMZ worthy stuff that had our phones & tablets blinking, pinging and sending notifications of all the latest and greatest.

1. The dress…we are still talking about this dress!


2. You know you either danced to or bopped along to Watch Me (Whip/NaeNae)


3. Adele came back to us and she did not disappoint!


4. Caitlyn Jenner became her authentic self in front of the entire world.


5. Game Of Thrones…enough said


6. Star Wars: The Force Awakens broke world wide box office records even before releasing world wide.

star wars

7. Man Buns…natural or fake, they are everywhere!

Man Buns

8. Amy Schumer became the new unapologetic It girl.


9. Robert Durst and his undeniably creepy and downright deadly life of mayhem.


10. The creepiness continued with Bill Cosby & Jared Fogel

cosby fogel

11. There was a whimsy takeover with Left Shark


12. Pixar wowed us again with Inside Out


13. Trump…he has everyone talking about him.


14. Late night television saw two huge changes with the departures of fan favorites Jon Stewart and David Letterman.

15. Cuba and the United States restored diplomatic relations.


There are thousands of stories that changed, impacted or intrigued us. This short list is just a glimpse of 2015. What pop culture stories do you remember from this past year? Share below!

Mommy Blogger Monday

In what could possibly be thee most hectic week for mommy bloggers, I wanted to share the appreciation I have for each and every one of you. As someone who just started blogging recently, I have loads of respect and tons of admiration for those who have paved the way and made blogging what it is today. That being said, I just want to take a moment and recognize all who hold it down at home and share their savvy with the world!

Join the #MommyBloggerMonday twitter linky party here & spread the love!

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Tequila Interchange Project ~ TIP

Every once in a while, I come across something that grabs my attention and I just cannot get it out of my head. The Tequila Interchange Project is one of those that just stays with you long after you learn their mission.

Tequila Interchange Project (TIP) has set out to educate everyone about practices in the tequila industry. Let me share a little about their vision and mission straight from their team.

The Tequila Interchange Project (TIP) is a non-profit organization and consumer advocacy group for agave distilled spirits comprised of bartenders, consultants, educators, researchers, consumers and tequila enthusiasts. Our organization advocates the preservation of sustainable, traditional and quality practices in the industries of agave distilled spirits. In light of concerning trends that are currently becoming mainstays in the production of agave distillates, TIP seeks to place a renewed emphasis on the importance of preserving the great heritage of agave distillation in Mexico. Whether acting as liaisons between consumers, producers and the Consejo Regulador del Tequila (Tequila Regulatory Council), sharing ideas about how to mix tequila cocktails with the bartenders of Guadalajara, or presenting seminars on topics ranging from sustainable spirits to the history of distillation in Meso-America, TIP utilizes the diverse strengths of its members to engage a broad audience in the history and culture of Mexico’s noble spirit.

Not many are aware of what goes into the production of tequila. As with any other harvested product, there are people who labor to ensure we get to enjoy the drink we all know. Currently, TIP is facilitating a multidisciplinary, Public Health style study regarding these farm workers or Jimadores. Its vital to evaluate the working conditions and well being of the Jimadores much like the efforts put forth by Cesar Chavez & Dolores Huerta for the United Farm Workers in the US. Everybody deserves a living wage and safe work environment.

The time and effort the TIP puts in to the environment is also noteworthy.

TIP is working with Dr. Medellin to plan and implement a “Bat Friendly Tequila and Mezcal” program, which will verify that plantations allow at least 2% of their crop to flower which will dramatically enhance the genetic variation of the agave and give the bat a sustainable food source. Agaves flower at night so they depend on the bats for pollination and the bats rely on the agaves in the tequila corridor as they migrate north and south throughout the year. 

The typical tequila fan (like me) probably has no idea that bats play a vital role in the genetic variations of agave. Who knew!? There is so much more to share and I encourage you to check TIP’s site and learn about the regulatory oversight and what they are doing regarding the regulations defining agave spirits. Please also follow them on social media and help share their vision and mission.

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What I Have Learned – Tips for Beginners

I have been taking suggestions from other bloggers and cruising around their pages for tips and it has helped tremendously. I shared the following ideas with a friend & fellow blogger and want to share with you. If you already know all of this, woo hoo! If you are new to blogging like me, I hope you find some of this content useful.

First off, grow your twitter profile. At the top of the page where it says Search Twitter, type in what you prefer to search like mommy blogger, DIY or hacks. This will bring up all the results by account, keyword, topic and top tweets. Now to be seen, you have to have searchable terms like that in your bio. Mine used to be a quick snapshot but I have since updated it to include hashtags so I will come up in those searches. When I did that, I tested it out and came up in the 1st page of search results.

It sounds like a lot of work but I have two apps that will streamline your social media if you haven’t started yet. You may want to consider using a scheduler like Buffer or Hootsuite. I use Buffer and absolutely love it. For the free version, you can schedule up to 10 posts for each account you link. I have my Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn connected so I can add posts to them throughout the day and set them up for future days too. You basically type up all the posts you want to share and let them auto post at times you set. You go on with your day and don’t have to worry about posting at a certain time.

The other app is CrowdFire. Its on my phone but I also use the desktop version. The best part of the app for me is the option to add an automated reply to those who follow you. You type what you want it to say and when you get a new follower, they get a DM from you instantly. It has other features like showing you who has followed and unfollowed you each day. Not as big of a deal because once you get a couple hundred followers, you really dont spend much time checking to see who has unfollowed you. This has become a huge help in growing my base. Keep in mind I had a little over 170 followers when I started my blog about 2 months ago and today I have over 1400. I follow the accounts that appeal to me and the others, well I appreciate them but I dont have to follow back.

As for brands and product reviews, you may want to try the site Giveaway Service. You register and browse their promotions. If you see a product you want to try, you apply for it and they decide if they want you to review it for them. Normally its an Amazon review but sometimes they ask you to tweet or post a YouTube video. So far it has been a valuable resource and I have connected with some great companies. Some have offered to send me an additional free item to host a giveaway on my blog so that will bring even more visibility. (Stay tuned!) The ones who you review should be followed on twitter so once your reviews post, you can share the review across social media and tag them as well.

I am sure there are lots of tips to share and as I learn more, you may see more posts. Til then, if you have tips by all means share in the comments below.