Share Your How-To’s

One of my (many) resolutions was to provide a space for others to network and share their pages. I am not yet savvy enough to create one of those blog rings, and I don’t have thousands of followers, but I do have a page where others who are interested in growing their reach can share their posts. So, from time to time I will publish a Share Your…post. Each will be different and will provide an opportunity to extend your reach to new readership. Interested? Well, let’s do this!

Basic Guidelines:

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  • Have fun!


My Triumphant Return

It has been 6 months since I have written a post. Partly because I went back to work,  partly because I went back to school, partly because I got lazy. Oh and that is part of my list of resolutions. Being completely honest. So yes. I was lazy. 2017 is off to a good start!

That being said, I am back. Back to writing. Back to sharing inspiration. Back to taking the time to share my thoughts with anyone who happens to cruise by and read through my thoughts floating through cyberspace.

To start, I have gone the crafty Pinterest route and created a vision board. Not a clip and paste type but a copy and paste type. I have taken some of the pieces that spoke to me and compiled them into one image that will drive my year. Something I hope will continue to serve as inspiration to myself and possibly evolve as the year goes on.


From starting each day with love to following my passions, striving to keep learning each day and reading more. Serving as a resource for my husband, seeking new challenges and getting organized. Acknowledging that each effort can cause ripples. Trusting my faith. Giving more. Following my bliss. Its all there. That is how I am starting 2017. A year from now, I hope to look back and see this as a springboard to an incredible year.

Avenues for Alternative Education

As an advocate for improving educational opportunities and expanding new avenues to assist those who dont take a traditional route, I was pleased when Future Schools approached me about sharing their vision in a guest post. If you or anyone you know could benefit from additional support in Math or English, you cant pass this up. I invite you to take a moment & read their post and check their site.

‘If you want to make sure you are getting the best technical skills possible, one of the best ways to do that is to immerse yourself in the technical world. One way of doing that is by choosing an online education. This way, you are put in a situation where you must learn how to use the system properly in order to complete your education. When most people are able to figure out any way of postponing something, they do, but when you are fully immersed in the environment, you give yourself no choice but to adapt.
One thing that people have to pick up on very quickly when taking online classes is the ability to communicate effectively. Not only do you have to type, you also have to proofread, learn to send emails, use instant messengers, and use the forums to post to people in your online classes. This is how you communicate most of the time, including with your professors and online tutors, so you need to get up to date on the process very quickly.
You also get access to the most up to date information and technology when Elearning, so that can help you keep up with current changes that would make your learning easier. Take the time to ask questions and get familiar with the system you are using, and don’t be intimidated about making a mistake. The entire class is there to help, so experiment and give it a try! If you want to go into an immersive Elearning environment, you may want to try going to FutureSchool. Give them a call and find out what types of options they can offer you in terms of getting yourself technologically in the loop.’

future school