Must Have Apps For Bloggers

I sometimes find myself so attached to my laptop, I almost need to openly declare I have a problem. Seriously. I need to step away and take care of other stuff. I have some apps on my cell which make that possible and have come across more that are must haves.

Becca from My Crazy Good Life seems to be ahead of the game and has taken the guesswork out of the best apps bloggers find helpful. You most likely already use the big 3 like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But did you know there are at least 6 more that can help you daily?

Facebook Page Manager will allow you to toggle back and forth between your personal profile and your blog fan page.

Pinterest is a huge resource. You already include pictures in your posts (if you dont, you should) so pinning them for others to see and repin is a great link back to your blog.

PicStitch helps you make collages of your images so you dont annoy your network with a feed blast.

Feedly allows you to connect your favorite blogs, rss feeds, sites and youtube channels in one app.

InstaRepost gives you the opportunity to share the content you find with your network. It automatically links back to the original post and you may end up with a new follower for sharing their content.

Lastly, there is a way for you to create your own icon on your home screen for your blog. Do you have one? If not, you can learn about how to do it for either the iOS or Android platforms when you visit My Crazy Good Life.

There are a handful of others Becca shares and I encourage you to check them out.

9 apps

Happy Blogging from Cappuccino Connected!



Supportive Partners

By now you know I am a HUGE fan of Pinterest, partly because I am exposed to things I may not see first hand. That network of possibilities is exciting to me. Its an incredible resource for food, drinks, decor, hacks and sometimes, a surprisingly meaningful link that changes you. I came across one such link that was a must to pin and it launched a board I like to call ♡happy wife♡. I pinned True Agape. Though the theme within the site is faith based, know that the topics shared transcend religious affiliation. Love is love.

The couple that created this site, Ryan & Cassie, have created a resource for couples that is filled with ways to stay connected, grow together and be active. With a blog, a diy section, links and personal stories, I can spend all day on their site and there would still be more to discover.

One entry in particular is about apps that could strengthen marriage. They mention being apprehensive about allowing smart technology in their relationship. Personally, technology is a huge part of my household so although I understood where they were coming from, it just appealed to me even more. The apps, Cozi, Avocado & Dare2Share, each have their own draw and all are meant to drive a meaningful forward. The time it required to test out and review these apps was considerable, which translates into the care taken by Ryan & Cassie in their pursuit to share quality posts with their viewership. For that I am grateful.


Again, I cannot express enough that True Agape is a resource for all. If you are seeking to maintain a meaningful and connected relationship with your partner, I suggest you take some time and visit their site.

A Must For Online Shoppers

As a proud online shopper, I am always on the lookout for the next great site. With everyone offering rewards and freebies, the opportunities are out there to save some real cash. I am a fan of couponing but sometimes, places offer such deals that they don’t accept them. Other than paying a membership to a big box chain to secure discounted prices, your other option is to use the extreme couponing method to stock up in bulk. Til now.

I found a site that I not only shop from, but believe in enough to share with you. I know you are thinking that I probably got paid for this promotion. Not true. Allow me to state clearly, no fee has been paid for this…I just consider them as one of my go to spots. Introducing Boxed Wholesale. The site is user friendly and the app is intuitive. (Yes, I order from my phone)

Boxed has a grocery section that blows my mind. Its not a full market, but it has some bargains I couldn’t pass up. A 76.5 oz box of Raisin Bran for $7.99…yes please! I have purchased bulk packs of snacks that are perfect for packing lunches & taking to games. Some buy these bulk packs and use them as mini fundraisers. Want organic? Perhaps paleo? Need gluten free items? They got you covered. By now you all know my agave syrup addiction…I get it at Boxed. The big bottle. The one that lasts and makes me feel like I am not going through it so fast…even if I am.

A particular suggestion, especially at this time of year, are the batteries. They can get expensive. I stocked up…and who wouldn’t at these prices?! I bought packs of 36 for $11.99 each. I spend that on packs of 10 at the store!

The packs I bought
The packs I bought
As shown online
As shown online

With all of the toys and electronics that are purchased over the holidays and that oh-so common term ‘Batteries Not Included’, this is a must buy!

If you decide to check it out…and I think you absolutely should…use code 2SKXR at checkout for a $10 discount and if your order is over $50, you get free delivery. Did I mention that it arrives within just a day or two? Learn more at Boxed Wholesale and follow them @BoxedWholesale. Enjoy!