A New Adventure

Not only am I back to work full time, I also started selling Younique as a side job. I didnt intend to sign up. I just wanted to try the mascara and a friend was having a party. I was hooked. Before I knew it, I had a welcome kit and the urge to share the products with friends. I started to try all the products from the welcome kit for presenters and thought I would give it a shot. Signing up as a presenter gives you a chance to sell and earn rewards but my first instinct was to just have an open account to place the occasional order and be available for others who wanted to do the same. In a matter of just 2 weeks, Ive sold nearly $700 in products & earned over $200 in commission without buying supplies, hosting house parties or doing any promotions. Not bad for just sitting back and sharing the info with a few friends.

This got me to thinking. I should share my story but I wonder how many other stories there are for other independent consultants. So I reached out to a few friends who also started a side business to share their journey. I am compiling it all now so stay tuned in the coming weeks to see the featured post.

Younique Cover

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