3 Ways To Stay Motivated

Its Motivation Monday and I am in need of some inspiration. I’m at the bottom of my coffee cup and need more than caffeine to get this day started. I know I am not alone in this…some of you are reading this nodding along or silently agreeing. So let’s share. What three things keep you motivated?

To make it interesting, let’s remove the one we all have in common…our family. That is a given. We are all motivated by our loved ones. Adding another level to this motivation, link back to a blog post that either motivated you or may help others get their kick start.

My three motivators are:

  • Coffee…kind of a given considering the name of my blog
  • Social media…odd choice but I get new ideas when I cruise around
  • My home…we bought a house and now I want to make it a home


So…what gets or keeps you motivated? Share in the comments and link back to a post you care to share with all of us!

3 thoughts on “3 Ways To Stay Motivated

  1. I found this link today. Yes it is older, but it was one of those rare one’s that had some light on a subject that didn’t make it sound like you couldn’t break through. When you talk about inspirations, this guy encourages you to use memes with social media and how to make it work. I’m inspired to try something different.

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