20 Things About Me

In an effort to connect with all of you, I thought it would be nice to share a little bit of myself. Nothing major. Just what makes me tick.

  1. Family is everything.
  2. I am fiercely protective of those I love.
  3. My kindergarten bestie is my adult bestie.
  4. My intention is to always be genuine.
  5. I am more interested in experiences than possessions.
  6. Everything happens for a reason.
  7. I married my high school sweetheart.
  8. Coffee is life.
  9. Friends is still my all time favorite show.
  10. Breaking Bad & Sons of Anarchy are tied for second favorite.
  11. I have a short temper…no apologies.
  12. While upset, I gain clarity and speak in 4 letter words.
  13. My 8 month old kitten is my baby.
  14. I binge watch the Kardashians.
  15. Pinterest is an addiction.
  16. I bleed Dodger Blue!
  17. Packers fan, win or lose.
  18. I enjoy planning & coordinating events.
  19. Cold & rainy weather is the best.
  20. I am embracing my 40’s with a smile…its fabulous!
Lil Ol’ Me

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