Top 15 Pop Culture Events in 2015

Its time to reflect on our year and if you are anything like me, pop culture is swirled into our memories like a ribbon of caramel in yummy ice cream. Oh the deliciousness. *gazing into the distance* Mmmm!

I digress…this is about 2015 and all the E! news and TMZ worthy stuff that had our phones & tablets blinking, pinging and sending notifications of all the latest and greatest.

1. The dress…we are still talking about this dress!


2. You know you either danced to or bopped along to Watch Me (Whip/NaeNae)


3. Adele came back to us and she did not disappoint!


4. Caitlyn Jenner became her authentic self in front of the entire world.


5. Game Of Thrones…enough said


6. Star Wars: The Force Awakens broke world wide box office records even before releasing world wide.

star wars

7. Man Buns…natural or fake, they are everywhere!

Man Buns

8. Amy Schumer became the new unapologetic It girl.


9. Robert Durst and his undeniably creepy and downright deadly life of mayhem.


10. The creepiness continued with Bill Cosby & Jared Fogel

cosby fogel

11. There was a whimsy takeover with Left Shark


12. Pixar wowed us again with Inside Out


13. Trump…he has everyone talking about him.


14. Late night television saw two huge changes with the departures of fan favorites Jon Stewart and David Letterman.

15. Cuba and the United States restored diplomatic relations.


There are thousands of stories that changed, impacted or intrigued us. This short list is just a glimpse of 2015. What pop culture stories do you remember from this past year? Share below!

2 thoughts on “Top 15 Pop Culture Events in 2015

  1. My memory sucks that’s why I liked your post so much! It helped me remember and lord knows I can use any help I can get. I can’t think of any pop culture events of 2015 but you bet I will be checking back in here to see what your readers come up with. Happy blogging!

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