RAOK – Random Acts of Kindness

We have all heard the term Random Act Of Kindness. Some of us have been on the receiving end and others have been in a position to perform them. Without a doubt, they change all involved. Its what humanity is all about. Helping out our fellow man.

Living in the Inland Empire of Southern California, I am not far from where the source of RAOK’s have taken on a new level of giving. John Gordon and his family started a facebook page that has ballooned up to over 37,000 members. Take a peek at just how amazing this group is and what they are doing for the community.

To start, all members are introduced to what RAOK is all about.

This is a community where ALL members are strongly encouraged to interact with one another and share your stories of your acts! It can be something as simple as holding a door open for someone, complimenting someones outfit, or buying someone a cup of coffee. When you take the time to break the mold and go out of your way for someone to brighten their day, you have just made a difference to someone. Some people may say that they feel it is “bragging” or “tooting your own horn” by posting your stories to social media of helping a random stranger or someone in need. Well guess what? What happens when you read a feel good story of a person who helps a family in need to fill their empty cupboards with groceries, or a nurse that spends the final moments of life with a hospice patient that has no family in sight to be with them as they take that journey to the other side?………..That’s right, it fills you with the warmth and desire to go out there and do good for someone else. There’s no better feeling than doing something for someone else that can never repay you. This is our goal here at RAOK, to spread the love and brighten the day of someone else. Even a complete stranger.

The scale of their events is incredible…it takes time and planning that you can only envision once you have experienced it for yourself. They packed and handed out thousands of backpacks for kids when the school year began. They hosted a free community Trunk Or Treat for Halloween. They outdid themselves providing meals during their Thanksgiving Food Drive & Giveaway. Christmas is no different, as they hosted a Toy Drop Off.

As a group they are beyond phenomenal, but the members are incredible beams of light that spread throughout the county. Members often post their RAOK’s to the timeline and its so absolutely inspiring. I encourage you to check out their page here and join in spreading the love.


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