Drink Menu for the Holidays

As a person who enjoys the occasional cocktail, I am always looking for new and fun drinks to share with family and friends. Not to say I dont enjoy straight tequila shots…I absolutely do but they are not always the go to drink.

For example, at Christmas I want to serve a signature drink and supplement with other options on hand. Last year I mixed a new combo that was a hit. adult cream soda

I mixed some apple cider and cinnamon roll vodka that tasted like an adult cream soda. It sneaks up on you because it goes down soooo smooth.

I want to expand the menu this year and I have some top contenders. The first in no particular order is Fuego. Its from Eats American Grill and looks like a perfect addition to a cold weather holiday.

fuego eats american grill

Next is a refreshing take on the muddled favorite…a cucumber mojito. Its light and crisp, a great match for the heavier meals around the holidays. Diet Hood knows what makes a great cocktail!cucumber diet hood

This one is probably the most beautiful of all my contenders. A raspberry serrano sangria. I mean look at the beautiful holiday colors. I found this one at Tree Hugger.

raspberry serrano sangria

For a sweet drink option like the one I served last year, I would go for the apple pie punch. The Cookie Rookie shared what I consider a great after dinner cocktail. I mean look at how yummy this looks!

apple pie punch the cookie rookie

The last one on my contender list isn’t as scary for the lightweight as it sounds. Its actually a smooth rum drink with more juice than alcohol. The Painkiller is a delicious drink from Islands and I can see myself making this year round.

Painkiller islands

Do you have a signature cocktail served at holiday dinners? Share your faves!

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