Time, Talent & Treasure

How many of you have heard the term Time, Talent or Treasure? It is used often among Catholics however, it is also a common term used when people want to pay it forward or participate in a random act of kindness. Giving back takes many forms so I wanted to share some ways to share your own time, talent & treasure.

Your time shared can be anything from volunteering your time at a nursing home, church, hospital or community center. Giving of your time to just be with someone or help them out with a task could be the highlight of their day.

Your talent can be anything from music & art or your skills whether work or hobby based. For example, if your neighbor’s garage has chipping paint you could offer to re-paint it for them. If construction is your trade and you know of someone on the community that needs repair work done, you could pitch in to help.

Your treasure isn’t simply cash. Although money is helpful, treasure means you can donate items from your home. Clean out your closet, donate kitchenware, offer up linens. You never know how much it will mean to give your extra tablecloth to someone who doesn’t have one.

This holiday season, share the love and give of your time, talent or treasure.


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