Are you ready for the holidays?

I don’t know about you, but I am not ready for the holidays. It always feels like as we get closer to the end of the year, it snowballs. No pun intended. (Ok maybe a little)

As I prep for a holiday meal, decor and a few gifts, time is getting away from me and I need to step it up. That’s where you come in! I need some inspiration. I need fellow bloggers to share their must have’s for the holidays. Whether you follow a specific religion, are more spiritual or just enjoy this time of year, I am interested in learning what makes it special for you.

Do you have a go-to meal that you share with your family year after year? Is there a tradition you remember from your childhood? Has that tradition carried through til now? Do you have a piece of decor or special ornaments that you use each season? Even the smallest of things that make your holidays special…that is what I would love to learn.

If you care to share in the comments, by all means please do. Especially if its a recipe we could all enjoy! If you prefer to message me privately, you can DM me on my twitter profile @mrsmotta.

I know you have something to share…inspire me!

christmas stock pic

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