Its the end of another long week and I for one am looking forward to the weekend. Funny how a long holiday weekend could make the following workweek feel like an eternity! That being said, I have a gem for you on this #FollowFriday. A new blog that is about to take off and has a niché that separates it from the rest.

Hit & Miss Cuisine is the brainchild of Victoria Goodman. A 20 year old with no professional training but loads of love for cooking intrigues me. She has a fresh take on blogging about recipes. Its not about reblogging or posting about an existing recipe that everyone has already tried. She is all about trying stuff out and posting whether it works or not. How refreshing! In a time where we take a half dozen selfies til we find one that works, knowing this blog is about the hits & misses is just plain awesome.

I hated cooking at first. It was just something that I was forced to do. But one day, I decided I didn’t want to cook the same old things so I searched the internet for an interesting recipe and stumbled upon a Chef John recipe on Allrecipes. Chef John became my culinary mentor. -Victoria Goodman

lemon chicken

Inspiration came from wanting to break the cycle of boring meals and we are all reaping the benefits of her journey. I encourage you to check out Hit & Miss Cuisine. A year from now you can say ‘I knew her when…’

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