Influenster Friend Flurry 15

As with all things social media, I am working hard to stay on top of things that will help enhance my brand influence. I recently signed up for Influenster and have been given opportunities to review items in their Jingle Vox Box.

If you aren’t already a member, I urge you to check it out. I tweeted the link out to my followers and I wanted to share it with you as well. If you sign up by January 11th using this referral code, you may win some cool stuff! Join the Friend Flurry 15 and start 2016 ahead of the game.

vox box


Top 15 Pop Culture Events in 2015

Its time to reflect on our year and if you are anything like me, pop culture is swirled into our memories like a ribbon of caramel in yummy ice cream. Oh the deliciousness. *gazing into the distance* Mmmm!

I digress…this is about 2015 and all the E! news and TMZ worthy stuff that had our phones & tablets blinking, pinging and sending notifications of all the latest and greatest.

1. The dress…we are still talking about this dress!


2. You know you either danced to or bopped along to Watch Me (Whip/NaeNae)


3. Adele came back to us and she did not disappoint!


4. Caitlyn Jenner became her authentic self in front of the entire world.


5. Game Of Thrones…enough said


6. Star Wars: The Force Awakens broke world wide box office records even before releasing world wide.

star wars

7. Man Buns…natural or fake, they are everywhere!

Man Buns

8. Amy Schumer became the new unapologetic It girl.


9. Robert Durst and his undeniably creepy and downright deadly life of mayhem.


10. The creepiness continued with Bill Cosby & Jared Fogel

cosby fogel

11. There was a whimsy takeover with Left Shark


12. Pixar wowed us again with Inside Out


13. Trump…he has everyone talking about him.


14. Late night television saw two huge changes with the departures of fan favorites Jon Stewart and David Letterman.

15. Cuba and the United States restored diplomatic relations.


There are thousands of stories that changed, impacted or intrigued us. This short list is just a glimpse of 2015. What pop culture stories do you remember from this past year? Share below!

Cappuccino Connected ~ 2015 In Review

The WP stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for Cappuccino Connected. I started the last week of October and have been working hard to grow and expand with all of you. I have so many to thank because I would not have been able to get this far without you!

Here’s an excerpt from the annual report:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,000 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

That blows my mind! I am so incredibly grateful and humbled. Many thanks to all who showed love & support as I started this blogging journey. Please check out those below and show them some love too!


Cheers to a wonderful 2016!

Must Have Apps For Bloggers

I sometimes find myself so attached to my laptop, I almost need to openly declare I have a problem. Seriously. I need to step away and take care of other stuff. I have some apps on my cell which make that possible and have come across more that are must haves.

Becca from My Crazy Good Life seems to be ahead of the game and has taken the guesswork out of the best apps bloggers find helpful. You most likely already use the big 3 like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But did you know there are at least 6 more that can help you daily?

Facebook Page Manager will allow you to toggle back and forth between your personal profile and your blog fan page.

Pinterest is a huge resource. You already include pictures in your posts (if you dont, you should) so pinning them for others to see and repin is a great link back to your blog.

PicStitch helps you make collages of your images so you dont annoy your network with a feed blast.

Feedly allows you to connect your favorite blogs, rss feeds, sites and youtube channels in one app.

InstaRepost gives you the opportunity to share the content you find with your network. It automatically links back to the original post and you may end up with a new follower for sharing their content.

Lastly, there is a way for you to create your own icon on your home screen for your blog. Do you have one? If not, you can learn about how to do it for either the iOS or Android platforms when you visit My Crazy Good Life.

There are a handful of others Becca shares and I encourage you to check them out.

9 apps

Happy Blogging from Cappuccino Connected!



Ore-Ida® Totchos Recipe

I was allowed to participate in an opportunity that included complimentary Ore-Ida® Tater Tots and thought I would share a yummy recipe with you. As a big fan of biscuits and gravy, I thought I would step it up with the tater tots and make Ore-Ida® Totchos & Gravy with bacon.


Take your tots and either pan fry or bake, whichever you prefer since they are good both ways. In a saucepan, add 2-3 tablespoons butter and 2-3 tablespoons flour. Its the start of a rue so dont worry when it clumps. It thins out as you slowly add the milk…about 1 cup give or take a tablespoon. Season with salt & pepper and stir til it thickens. Pour over the prepared tots and top with crumbled bacon.


There are lots more recipes on the Kraft site but of course mine is your favorite, right? *wink


Product Review – derma e®

Its no secret…I am getting older and taking care of myself is important now more than ever before. This includes my skin. I have discussed before how I am fair skinned and tend to steer clear of face creams because I am sensitive to a lot of products. Well I can only lift my eyebrows so high to keep my eyes looking bright. I need some help and Father Time isn’t slowing down so I needed to act quickly.

I came across an opportunity to receive a product free to test it out and share my feedback. I did my research and the due diligence paid off. I have been using the Firming DMAE Eye Lift for about a week now and I am starting to notice some real changes. Its not drastic so don’t think that I suddenly look like I had work done but considering it has only been about a week, I am happy about the changes. I have a round face and when I smile, my cheeks amplify my ‘laugh lines’. Anything that helps reduce the attention to them is a strong selling point.

It kept getting better as I learned more. We all know the benefits of vitamins & anti oxidants, and I am a proponent of cruelty free testing. I learned that derma e® products reap many benefits.

The award-winning line features doctor-developed, consumer-tested and clinically-tested face care, body care and treatment products that are free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oil and petrolatum. Every formula is cruelty-free, gluten-free and 100 percent vegan. Manufacturing and operations are offset 100 percent by wind power.

The fact that it was developed by a doctor and is a product of a family owned company is a big deal for me. The idea that an entire family has dedicated their livelihood to producing quality skin care items means they stand behind their work 100%. To top that…IT’S AFFORDABLE! Its sold at places like Target so its not cost prohibitive to women who just want to take care of their skin. It has packaging that is easy to spot on the shelves filled with promises. Just look for the lotus flower…better yet just remember #NoticeTheLotus and you are set!

derma e

If you want to learn more before committing to a trip to Target, go and check out the derma e® site and read for yourself.

47 Things You Learn In Your 40’s

When you come across something so enlightening…something that empowers you while teaching you about things you already knew but were not yet in tune to acknowledge, you tend to share it with everyone. That is what I am doing today.

I was cruising through Facebook and came across a shared post by a friend from high school and when I clicked through to read it, I knew I had to share it with all of you. Its an article from the Huffington Post and it is a true gem. The author, Andrea Reiser, is ending her 40’s and sharing her thoughts on everything she learned. As someone who is just starting this decade of life, I not only enjoy this list but I feel a little ahead of the game.

Here are the 47 things she learned in her 40’s.

1. It’s OK to say no as long as you learn the art of doing so graciously.

2. Don’t waste time worrying and moaning about stuff you have no control over. Let it go.

3. Everything you see depends on how you look at it.

4. Stop comparing your insides to everyone else’s outsides.

5. Listening to someone — really listening — is one of the most important, respectful and rewarding things you can do.

6. It’s awesome to collect people throughout life, but you’re truly blessed if you have a handful of besties who will always, always have your back. Even if you don’t speak to them all that often, you know they’re there.

7. The morning after is rarely — if ever — worth the night before.

8. No one gives a crap if you go to the supermarket in sweats without makeup and your unwashed hair in a ponytail on top of your head.

9. Experiences are infinitely more memorable than stuff.

10. Confidence is beautiful and powerful.

11. Laugh lines are worth it.

12. It will always boggle your mind how some people will exceed the lowest imaginable depth of stupidity, incompetence and nastiness, while others will exceed the highest imaginable pinnacle of kindness, compassion and helpfulness.

13. Don’t live your life by anyone else’s expectations, taste, hopes or dreams.

14. If you rely on others for joy, you will never be joyful yourself.

15. Grudges aren’t worth it.

16. You’ll never regret going out of your way to brighten someone’s day.

17. “Please” and “thank you” are always appreciated and appropriate.

18. Tell the little self-sabotaging voice in your head to bug off.

19. The food doesn’t matter. The table settings don’t matter. All that matters is the company.

20. Being super-busy is not a badge of honor, importance, popularity or success. It’s perfectly OK — and actually healthier and preferable — to be not so busy.

21. Despite your delusions, you have absolutely no idea what’s happening behind other people’s doors.

22. Most bad behavior and bitterness is rooted in jealousy.

23. What makes you happy isn’t the elixir that will make someone else happy.

24. It’s not always someone else’s fault. Sometimes you have to look in the mirror.

25. You can disagree with someone’s opinions and beliefs, but it doesn’t make them wrong. And it’s probably best just not to go there when it has to do with religion, politics or love.

26. Friendships change over time. Sometimes they have an expiration date and they dissolve into fuzziness. And that’s OK.

27. Eye cream is your friend.

28. Stop waxing poetic about how good it used to be. Stop fantasizing about how good it might be in the future. Savor how good it is right now. Make your moments matter.

29. It’s nice to be thought of and remembered.

30. Sometimes you’ve gotta do stuff just because it’s the right thing to do. Often it’s uncomfortable. Usually it’s inconvenient. But it’s almost always worth it.

31. Elephants don’t belong in the room. Having the tough conversation is ultimately better than living with the energy-sapping misery of resentment or misunderstanding.

32. Some stuff just isn’t meant to be. The sooner you accept it and stop trying to force it to happen, the better off you’ll be.

33. The solution to someone else’s problem that seems so obvious to you is likely something they’ve already tried and it hasn’t worked.

34. A good night’s sleep is a gift from the heavens and can change everything.

35. People will make time for you if you’re important to them. And they pretty much won’t if you’re not.

36. Sometimes you need to suck it up hard in the name of love, peace and harmony.

37. Don’t let angry people get to you; instead, try to muster some compassion for them.

38. Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks. Stop wasting energy on stuff that isn’t your business. You just do you.

39. Accept, embrace and celebrate change.

40. Being polite and smiling genuinely can make a big difference.

41. Stillness is restorative and healing.

42. Take one day at a time, one step at a time. Break down challenges into small, do-able chunks. It will all get done.

43. Life is what happens while you’re waiting expectantly for the next big thing on the horizon to come to fruition. Savor the everyday.

44. If you push yourself and focus on what’s good rather than wallowing selfishly in the negative, things will almost always improve.

45. Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it isn’t immediately apparent, but in time, and with reflection, the reason usually becomes clear. And often it’s so extraordinary and breathtaking, it’ll blow you away.

46. No matter how much you wish, you can’t will things to happen. But often, there’s a better and “righter” path that reveals itself if you keep your eyes and mind open.

47. Take a risk and have the guts to seize the opportunity, because it may not present itself again.

You can follow Andrea Reiser on twitter.


Product Review – OZ Naturals Ultra Ageless Eye Cream

All my life, I have been both blessed and hampered by fair skin. I say blessed because I have a fairly even skin tone. Hampered, because my skin is sensitive and burns easily in the sunlight. So when it comes to beauty products, I am wary of testing things out.

Now that I am 40 (gasp!) I need to put my fears aside and try out new products to protect my skin. I came across OZ Naturals Ultra Ageless Eye Cream and decided to give it a try. I was still apprehensive to try something that had algae extract. It just didn’t sound like my skin would respond well. I was wrong. I used this for a few days now and I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised. Maybe it is because I am so used to steering clear of facial products, but I could tell within 2 days that it was helping.

I have started to develop fine lines around my brows up toward my hairline as well as around my eyes. This didnt take them away so dont think its going to be a magical *poof* and you look 20 again, but it did reduce the puffiness around my eyes and diminished the lines. Its not that my skin is smoother, it just feels freshened. That is a big deal to me. I live in a climate with extreme temperatures…not Midwest weather, but at the base of a mountain range in southern California, we have temps in excess of 110 all summer and in the low 30s for most of the winter. This wreaks havoc on my skin and although I just began using this, its comfortable to wear in this cold weather. It doesnt feel like a mask.

I purchased this item through Amazon at a discount to provide an unbiased review and was so pleased, I thought I would share it with all of you as well. You can check it out for yourself and read all about the peptides and vitamin E goodness of the OZ Naturals and decide if you want to try it out.


30 Quick Meals Using Rotisserie Chicken

Its a weeknight, after a long day at work or keeping busy dealing with life, you are tired but its dinnertime. Tired of tearing a leg off the deli chicken and calling it a meal? How about looking like a rockstar using that same chicken? Print this…keep it in a safe place. You are gonna love me for finding this gem from Tablespoon…30 meals you can whip up using a rotisserie chicken!

I stumbled upon this list as I was pinning (go figure!) and I can see myself making many of these delish combos. Unlike other lists, these are hearty yet common dishes with a comfort food kick. Nothing too gourmet so its not intimidating. Looking at some of these, you would think they took hours when they dont take long at all. I mean look at these…mouth watering!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Want a pasta dish? Try the tetrazzini or the ziti. Looking for something more like a casserole? Bake the chicken noodle casserole or the chicken pot pie. How about the quick veggie bake or even the breakfast option frittata? Everyone likes pinwheels…imagine a fun chicken pinwheel meal.

With the last days of 2015 wrapping up quickly, these meals will help ease the stress at meal time. Check out Tablespoon for all the yummy recipes and enjoy!