Sunday Funday – Blog Promo Fun

As I cuddle up on the couch and watch my Fantasy Team work, I thought I would share a couple of blog networking opportunities you may enjoy. I am all about sharing with one another and helping to lift up my fellow bloggers so I hope you find this helpful.

Some of you may already know about these networking links but for those who dont, I would like to invite you to a couple of mine. The first I would like to share is SVerve. With a name that was derived from their tagline, Unleash Your Social Verve, SVerve is a site where business & blogs come together. Their mission statement is clear.

We love connecting influencers and businesses for win-win partnerships.


I am excited to be a part of SVerve for several reasons. They help you monetize your blogs with relevant campaigns, they assist in boosting your social presence, and aid you in building a better profile or as they say, a LinkedIn for Influencers. If you want to grow your blog, check out SVerve.

Anotpicket fenceher great resource is Picket Fence Blogs. Self titled as a free ranked blog directory, I would say they are a Yellow Pages of blogs. You can share your page with other registered bloggers, accrue votes through a button you can add to your site, and advertise with them to increase your social media footprint. You can even enter giveaways for items from other bloggers. Its a great option to consider when you want to expand your network and get to know others not only for their posts, but for the authors as well.

Check out both and share your experience with us!

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