Homemade Holidays

The leftovers are gone, Black Friday is over, the neighborhood is starting to look festive. Its time to kick the holidays into high gear! Some of you have it all together and may already have the magazine style decor out and your homes may already smell like gingerbread and pine. You are my heroes! My house has some of the decorations out and its starting to come together, but its far from magazine ready. My intention is to create a holiday ready home with decor and gifts that are homemade. Yup…the rest of 2015 is (hopefully) going to be all DIY style!

I have taken some inspiration from Vicki Johnson’s boards on Pinterest. With soothing items like bath bombs and salts, to seashell crafts, she has lots of ideas to share. That is just one board! She pinned a great craft of glitter ornaments made from Pledge & glass paint. How pretty!

glitter ornaments

There is a simple and beautiful craft I want to try. With the options to change colors and sizes, I can see these pom balls as tree decor and hanging throughout the house.

pom ball








One that I know for sure is a must have in my house. I need to make this wreath. So simple and yet so festive. Clothespins hold your holiday cards in such a unique and chic way…who wouldn’t want to try this out?


You have to check out her boards. With nearly 14k pins, there is plenty to see!

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