Pumpkin Everything!

Tis’ the season for Pumpkin everything! Can you sense my excitement? From cookies and breads to yummy comfort drinks, I am sooo happy! After Halloween, I did the pumpkin puree thing. I added my spices and had a bowl of yumminess just waiting for all my Pinterest recipes to take shape. I am hoping to pop out some pumpkin bread this week. Stay tuned!

As you can probably tell, I am a coffee addict, a java junkie, a frap fiend if you will. You can imagine the combo of coffee and pumpkin makes this time of year even merrier for me. Ive done the pumpkin spice thing and enjoyed my fair share of morning lattes but this holiday season, I am expanding my drink menu to include some new concoctions.

I came across a blog that had a page of all things pumpkin. I know, shocking! Well Grabbing Lapels has some recipes I will definitely be using over the last weeks of 2015. One of which includes a fall favorite…rum. Malibu has a spiced rum that is delicious and I am excited to try it out. Oh and for you calorie counters…70 calories per serving. Not the latte, just the rum. Mix at your own risk!

malibu pumpkin spice

The other I want to try is RumChata and Pumpkin Pinnacle. I love horchata and was introduced to RumChata about 2 years ago. It changed my cocktail menu instantly. Definitely a fan favorite. The Pumpkin Pinnacle is just downright delicious so the combo is life changing! (Stop laughing) As a cold drink, its probably better to serve in a warm house while the oven is on so if you live in a cold climate, bundle up or get baking!

pumpkin spice

I was not only able to get some inspiration for holiday drinks, but I expanded my drink menu as I clicked through the links. If you would like to see more than just these two, check out the printables provided as well.

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