Cell phone apps that make life easier

We all have a cell phone and we use it…all the live long day. Some apps are for entertainment and some are for organization. Many apps are just because we have a habit and its our indulgence. I am an Etsy shopper and I have a problem.

I referred to an article on LaptopMag on the best apps for 2015 and I am happy to say, I have most of these sought after selections already installed. For security, LaptopMag suggests Avast Mobile & Security because it is customizable to suit your needs. Into fitness? MyFitnessPal is their choice for the support and guidance it offers. We all love movies and music right? Well it comes as no surprise that Netflix and Spotify are at the top of their list. With all the selfies we take, its no wonder a photo app like Snapseed is not only downloaded often, but used throughout each day. It does more than crop and rotate, there are filters to make your pics look incredible. What else do we use most often? Messaging! I prefer to text than talk so when I came across Viber and Whatsapp, I was hooked! Not only does it have fun and playful stickers and emojis that we all use, but if you send pics, they automatically download to a folder on your phone for safe keeping. Love it!

So…what are some of your favorite apps?

Whatsapp is a must!
Whatsapp is a must!

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