Its the end of the work week, you know what that means…its #FollowFriday. I have enjoyed a great, interactive week with you fellow bloggers and what better way to give back than to highlight a blog of the week.

My selection this week is Art and Kitchen. With so many recipes to choose from, it was difficult to select one to share but when I came across the white fall sangria, I knew this was the one! Once you delve deeper into the blog and discover just how the recipes come alive, you will notice just how much love is put into each one. With all of the fresh ingredients and the stories behind them, the recipes are written indications of love via the delicious vehicle of hand crafted meals.

I appreciate each entry and look forward to trying some of these over the holidays. Cruise on over to the page and take a look for yourself. Hope you all enjoy Art and Kitchen as much as I do. Happy #FollowFriday!

follow friday

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