Have you ever gone to the gym (gasp!) and felt intimidated or self conscious (double gasp!) at the sight of all those fit bodies who clearly know what the heck they are doing? Do you have limitations that keep you from venturing out even though you are eager to get up and move? Perhaps you are interested in going big with a marathon or even a triathlon? (seriously gasping for air now!) What if you could achieve your goals, or even set some new ones, without the stress of a gym environment and still get quality assistance from a qualified and successful trainer? No need to Google and Yelp your way to wondering if you are making the right decision. A lifelong friend of mine is the answer to your fitness questions. Danny Perez has not only taken on fitness as a challenge for himself, but he has started his own business to help others do the same. Danny worked as a physical therapy aide for over 6.5 years at Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare primarily working with patients who suffered spinal cord injuries (SCI), strokes, had total knee/hip replacements, and a number of other physically and mentally debilitating injuries or diseases. He provides quality in-home personal training for able and disabled people looking to stay healthy and active. I encourage you to cruise by and check out I Try Fitness to see for yourself. Check out all the options, cruise through the pics, and see the care & attention that is clearly a priority for him and his clientele. Forget Pinterest, he even offers meal planning! Whaaaat?! Before you stress about adding holiday weight, go check it out.IMG_5915 (1)

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