Tasty Tuesday

With the colors changing, the temps dropping and the holidays so close it gives me shopping anxiety, I cant help but crave comfort foods. The ones that you reminisce about from your childhood…the kind that you can have over and over again. One of my all time favorites is macaroni and cheese. (Dieters look away) Not the boxed kind with powder, or with a pouch you have to cut open and squeeze. I am talking about the stove top, oven baked, tender noodles with lots of rich & creamy melted cheese. (Seriously, look away) At times, mixing it up with crumbled bacon. (You were warned!)

Well I found what could very well be the yummiest mac & cheese ever. While cruising this interweb thing we all know and love, I came across a site that was not only witty and charming, but full of recipes I want to try. I couldnt help but gravitate toward the mac and I am soooo glad I did!

If you are into comfort food like I am, then you have to check out Divas Can Cook.

mac chs

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